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Free Shipping on Orders $75 & Up!

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I HATE looking for recipes online.

Part of my hatred is based in realizing just how recipe “blogs” are designed to make money off wasting my time. I have precious little time as is, so when I end up scrolling for half a minute, only to find a recipe that doesn’t fit what I thought it would be…let’s just say it gets irritating.

Here’s a secret from someone who knows how it’s done: basically, all the recipe sites out there make money based on selling ad space. You can’t sell ads to people who aren’t looking there, and Google’s search rankings reward long articles that have lots of relevant keywords. (Sometime when you have time read through one of those pre-recipe articles and look at all the keywords that relate to the recipe stuffed in there. You’ll be surprised.)

These LONG articles serve a double purpose. Not only does it make for better ranking on Google (so you see their “recipe” when you search) It also gives more space on the page you are required to scroll by where they can put ads in front of your face…and they’re paid by the number of times those ads are seen.

See, even “free” recipes aren’t REAALLY free. You pay for them with a little piece of your time and occasionally with a piece of your sanity. I’m looking at you, annoying pop-up video ad…

And then when you finally scroll to the recipe, who’s to say if it’s actually what you wanted in the first place? If not, it’s off to give ANOTHER website a piece of your time.

Well, this issue has annoyed me enough that I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m tired of searching for new things to make that are delicious and use ingredients normally stocked in a kitchen. No, I don’t want to go to the store for that ONE specific fresh herb this recipe calls for.

So I had the thought…I already run an online kitchen retail store…I HAVE the infrastructure already in place to do something new that would help others to find simple, delicious recipes that don’t take a chef’s skill to make.

Why NOT do something?

I present to you…Simple Emails of Simple Recipes.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

Each week, you’ll receive ONE email on Friday or Saturday. In this email will be 2-4 recipes. Every recipe we send will have been tested in one of our own kitchens to make sure it’s both delicious and easy to make.

What WON’T be in the email? Long articles that bury the content you’re looking for. I don’t like writing them, and I don’t think you care to read them.

And while we’re also an online cookware retailer, we’re NOT going to put a bunch of shameless promotion stuff in the emails. We will include a couple links at the BOTTOM of the email in case you want to check something out. We’d hope that when you need something you decide to purchase from us, as we DO need to put food on our own tables, but promoting our stuff is NOT the focus of our Simple Emails of Simple Recipes.

We’re building this to focus on the recipes, and that’s what you’ll see every time you open one of these emails.

Now, as this is a new endeavor, I’m going to give it away for free. I expect to create enough value here that at some point I will be closing this free offer and selling a subscription. My current plan is to sell it at $52 a year, and I plan on making it worth every penny.

This project will cost my time and resources, so I can’t just give it away forever. That being said, if you get in NOW, as we launch, I’ll make sure you never get charged for this service.


Don’t waste your time looking for new recipes that are delicious and easy to make. Sign up for Simple Emails of Simple Recipes, FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!


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