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America's Test Kitchen Sous Vide for Everybody

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The best new cooking method in a generation is coming to home kitchens.

Easy, convenient, and hands-off. Sous vide cooking is a relatively new technique to arrive in the home kitchen. French for “under vacuum” because it often involves sealing food in plastic, sous vide allows you to cook food gently in an automatic water bath to the perfect temperature. From the perfect seared steak to crème brûlée with the ideal consistency, sous vide makes cooking easier and more foolproof, taking away all the guesswork and giving you back free time.

A thorough front section explains sous vide cooking and where it originated, offers how-tos and what-you’ll-needs including our picks for the best sous vide devices, and a Q&A that will make you a sous vide savant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great or rather Best Sous Vide Book!

The best Sous Vide book for beginners to more experienced Sous Viders! Another great book by America’s Test Kitchen. Plenty of recipes and detailed explanations. Recommended!

You have to give in and try it!

Order this along with the Sous Vide after way more thought than anyone should put into this. Can you really cook food in water????

Turns out I should have bought the cook book and the Sous Vide sooner. They just work. Mostly we use this for weekend meals. Start the meat in the Sous Vide from this cook book, let it cook as needed and kiss it on the grill for dinner time. Every recipe in this we would use again.

If you are starting out with the Sous Vide get this cook book to get started.

This book is life changing! No joke!!!!!

I bought this for myself, but after telling a friend about it, I gave her mine. Today I ordered another one for me. I love that this is not just a cookbook, every recipe was tested at America's test Kitchen. They don't just fill the book with fabulous recipes, but they give you the science as to why this time or that temp is perfect. They test these recipes every way imaginable. I love that. Everything I have made from this book has come out perfectly. I am so impressed with this book. It's my new favorite. I have now bought three and gave two as gifts. This book is amazing. It's my Sous Vide Bible!

A. Bauer
New ideas

Good book for new sous vide users. Many interesting recipes & ideas.

Simon S.
Good book for beginners; Inspect your book when you receive

So far this book seems very good for folks new to sous vide cooking like me. I like the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook formats that provide an explanation behind how and why the recipe works. I’m sure if I was very familiar with sous vide, I might want a book with a greater amount of recipes, but it’s a good beginners book.