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ProKeeper Bread

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  • KEEP YOUR BREAD FRESHER LONGER: Keep your favorite bread and baked goods fresh longer in our collapsible Bread ProKeeper which is sized to perfectly fit machine loaves when expanded
  • EXPANDABLE AND COLLAPSIBLE BREAD STORAGE: Not only does it have a range of widths to accommodate baked good of varied sizes, the unit collapses to less than half its size for easy storage (THIS BREAD STORAGE CONTAINER IS NOT AIR TIGHT)
  • ADJUSTABLE AIR VENT: The air vent adjusts for varying conditions; closed for dry climates and day-old bread, and opened for humid climates and fresh bread
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The magnetic closure snaps securely shut while the integrated, fold-down cutting board includes guides for perfectly sized slices
  • BPA FREE AND DISHWASHER SAFE: This item is both dishwasher safe, BPA free and measures 7"L (compacted) or 11"L (expanded) x 7"W x7"H
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
W. Wilson
Fits loaves from bread machine

Keeps loaves fresh for a couple of days but not longer.

Not just for bread

Bought this because a mouse got into our house somehow and snacked on our loaf of bread. I immediately bought a mouse bait and I thought it would take care of the mouse in very short time. It took a couple of days before no more signs of a mouse, but wasn't sure where the mouse went to. This container arrived very quick and is everything it was advertised to be. I am impressed with the quality and looks of it. I especially like how it expands or retracts with the size of what is being stored. When the vent is closed it keeps things nice and fresh. Haven't had anything that needed to be stored with the vent open yet. I like the cutting board built into the door for slicing bagels. Much more convenient then draging out a cutting board. Now if another mouse should come in there will be no feast for him!

Keeps my bread contained and easy to get to!

I love this. It exactly fits my homemade bread, and gets smaller as we eat down the loaf - no wasted kitchen counter space. The magnet keeps it closed easily. Random things get put on top (by a certain other family member)... and it doesn't create a problem to get the bread out, the way it was with the old expandable breadbox (without the cutting-board end opening). It's been easy to rinse out when the loaf is done.

Different but works

I like the fact that this expands to accommodate larger loaves of bread. It would be nicer if it clicked into place instead of being loose.

Great for gluten free bread

For those of you with a family member this is a great way to ensure their gluten free bread is stored separately AND it keeps it soft and fresh Highly recommend!