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Breadtopia Sourdough Starter (Dry)

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This is the starter we use in all our sourdough baking here at Breadtopia. A hearty strain of wild yeast that has served us well for years.

For thousands of years, sourdough starter has been used to healthily and naturally leaven bread. Containing naturally occurring yeast and friendly Lactobacillus bacteria, sourdough starter also adds its own unique flavor profile to baked goods.

Follow simple instructions to revive the dormant dried starter. Within a few days you should have a sufficient quantity of active starter to begin baking.

With regular feeding, your starter can be sustained indefinitely.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour and wild yeast culture.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Happy starter at day 2

Happy starter at day2! Amazing flavor for the bread made!! I visited the owner’s site for detailed instructions and tips-and-tricks during the process. Highly recommended and would buy this starter again!

Ivan R. Barrett

Easy to use. Just like chemistry class in high school. Add a little of this and a little of that and walla!

Kat Linke
Great product, and easy to use.

This starter is really great! It's great value for the money I paid. It's also very easy to use, all you do is rehydrate the granules and then feed according to the directions on breadtopias website. The flavor this starter produces in the final bread is great! Tangy but not overly so.

Kenneth Doe

I've never tried this before, but it came with a link to instruction, which were very clear. Everything worked out well!

W. G.
Breadtopia Sourdough Starter (Dry).

This (Dry) Sourdough Starter from Breadtopia is the easiest starter that I have used. My Sourdough Starter is in its blooming stage right now. It only took a few seconds to start the sponge. I will give a better review for the flavor later this month, when I use this to make bread. I will say that this (Dry) Sourdough Starter from Breadtopia, is a great value and worth getting for anyone that wants to try to make home made bread.