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Charles Viancin Cabbage Colander & Steamer

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One of the most versatile designs, the Charles Viancin Cabbage Colander and Steamer can perform the duties of multiple kitchen accessories. The temperature-resistant silicone is ideal for use in everything from the microwave to the refrigerator and can be wrapped compactly to reduce cabinet clutter.
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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and useful product.

This product is amazing! Easy to use, clean and store! I have truly enjoyed using my new colander, strainer and steamer. Great for all my pasta recipes and vegetables.

Momo Sakurai
It is great!

I basically use as colander, although it serves as a steamer as well (you need a large pot.) The metal colander is hard to clean as food gets stuck but this one works great! Silicon withstands the boiling water temperature, too. I am a fan of Charles Viancin's products, and this product is definitely one of my favorites.

Charles Viancin Colander

This colander works well. I particularly like the greater ease of loading it into to the dishwasher. Its soft structure lets it bend where a usual colander would not, so it takes up less space.

I would purchase this product again!

Excellent product- Great to use hot or cold...I use this in the pot to boil pasta (simply lift to drain) as well as to steam vegetables. I also use it cold to rinse & clean vegetables. It is flexible, yet holds up nicely in various temperatures. It has three discrete handles that lay flat for removing from hot pots. Can be tossed in the dishwasher for cleaning. Attractive, durable & multi use ~ What more could I ask?! I would not hesitate to purchase the product again as a gift.

Chris N
Great Colander

I love the Charles Viancin products. So easy to clean, light weight. I use my colander for washing fruit. So handy to have in the kitchen.