• This beautiful Gripperwood Acacia Grilling and Carving Board has an advanced concave center for grilled and roasted meats.
  • Holds up to one cup juice.
  • Can be used with all cutlery.
  • Wash with warm soapy water, do not let soak in water.
  • Apply mineral oil periodically.



The Gripperwood Concave Carving and Cutting Board collection from Architec combines two innovative elements that bring you a carving and cutting board that you will reach for first… and use for years to come. The Gripperfeet on the concave boards assures you a slip-free work surface, the Concave shape of these boards allows you to carve and cut your meat without worrying about the jucie overflowing on your counter. The big difference between traditional carving boards that catch juice in the perimeter trough, is the Architec's concave shape allows the meat to stay with its juice while it rests, ensuring a moist and tender cut. All Architec Concave boards will hold up to 1 Cup of liquid, so not one drop of that flavor filled juice will go to waste. The Gripperwood Concave Carving and Cutting Board should be hand washed in warm soapy water, soaking in water is not suggested and never wash in the dishwasher. For longer lasting performance and beauty, it is recommended to periodically apply a light coating mineral oil with a soft, clean cloth. Designed in the USA.

Architec Grippperwood Acacia Concave Grilling & Carving Board $49.97

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