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You’ve spent good money for your kitchen, why not protect that investment with something stylish and affordable? At least from our experience, cheap silicone trivets don’t fit well in a kitchen with Quartz or Granite Countertops. Don’t worry, we have the solution: these metal hot pads are perfect for keeping things stylish and purposeful. They’ll keep your countertop surfaces in mint condition and look good while doing so.

Choose from copper or silver color: they’re both high quality textured metal with a nonstick, insulated backing to keep the trivets from slipping all over your countertop or table. Plus, we’ve got multiple sizes in stock to match your every need – from the 7” x 7” square trivets all the way to the 17” x 20” mats that are perfect for canning, stock pots, and deep fryers!

These work great on tabletops as well: the 8.5” x 20” size fits nicely in the middle of a table to protect from hot pans and dishes. These kitchen countertop mats have many features, including:

  • Textured metal surface that will keep messes off the counter and can wipe clean
  • Non-slip backing allows for easy transfer of large pots from the stove to mat
  • Multiple sizes for multiple uses – use in the kitchen or the craft room to contain and manage hot items

So, whether it’s using one of these mats under your deep fryer to keep the heat etc. off the counter, planning out  trivets for a buffet line for large groups, canning with large pots and pans, or simply everyday use on your table or countertops, we’ve got not just you covered, but your kitchen surfaces as well.

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    Insulated Countertop Protector Mats $14.97

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