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OXO Good Grips Julienne Vegetable Peeler

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With this Julienne Peeler, you can quickly and safely make garnishes, salad toppings, citrus zest and more. The clear safety cover flips out of the way while you peel, but locks back into place as a protective cover during storage.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
This is really a great product.

I like to make green papaya salad now and then and used to spend a lot of time cutting carrots and papaya into little pieces. Then I got this little device. It works great. It's kind of like a peeler, but gives you thin strips. I find myself using it for salads and other dishes. Highly recommended.

colleen gregg
Good for my zoodles

Great product. Had a little trouble getting it started when trying to use it though. Once I got got hang of it then it went smoothly.

It’s ok

I was super excited to order this. I thought it would transform my salads. It works just ok. It doesn’t feel super sturdy. It is sharp but doesn’t work like I thought it would. I can get a good peel 1/2 way through a cucumber, carrot, or zucchini, but after that it gets wonky.

Raj U.
Time Saver ! - Nice four sided thin crunchy long carrot strips.

I cook stir fry, I like the carrots nice thin crunchy and has the four sides, its extremely time consuming and quite dangerous when making it like that with the good old chef's knife. I was wasting around 12 mins every day just for preparing the carrots. Until I got sick of it and needed a solution to make my carrot preparing less hectic and time consuming. You have the food processor, but that too is time consuming just to slice the carrots into thin strips due to cleaning the food processor and the food processor doesn't make perfect four sided thin strips.

This strip peeler is excellent, does the job very well. Worked well at first try. I got nice long thin four sided carrot strips. Easy to clean and prepared in few seconds, I just saved 12 mins of my life.

Arun Alok
Highly recommended

This is a wonderful addition to my kitchen tools. I love to cook noodles or rice with sautéed vegetables and this makes preparing the carrots and courgette so easy. Highly recommend. Sharp serrated end so need to be careful while washing and best to keep the plastic cap on when not in use.