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Masontops Complete Kombucha Starter Kit - Scoby, Thermometer, Sugar, & Lid

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Making delicious and nutritious kombucha at home is a piece of cake with this kit! Masontops makes it simple and economical to alway have a supply of delicious probiotic-rich kombucha on hand every day! Masontops Complete Kombucha Making Starter Kit includes a custom-designed Kombucha Lid with breathable screen, durable no-rust screw band, dehydrated organic SCOBY, activating cane sugar and even a thermometer to track optimal fermentation temperature! The unique breathable screen allows airflow for fermentation while blocking contaminants that can spoil your brew. The durable plastic screw band will never rust or warp. This complete kit includes everything you'll need to convert your humble wide mouth mason into a fermentation machine! So why shell out for expensive store-bought kombucha or probiotic supplements when you can make kombucha at home for a fraction of the cost? This simple all-in-one kombucha brewing system will have you up and running as a home kombucha fermenter in just minutes! You'll need to add a couple of commonly available ingredients like black tea and vinegar, but don't worry we've included complete instructions on how to brew your kombucha. Masontops makes it simple and convenient to enjoy the health benefits of delicious homemade probiotics every day!

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Customer Reviews

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Tina Cornett
SCOBY out of date

I received my kit in a timely fashion and it was well packaged and arrived all intact… unfortunately, when I opened it the included SCOBY was out of date by over a year😕

cheers all in one

all in all the kit is an amazing idea... i got it for a gift...


Still in the process of making but so far so good!

Daniel Peña
The perfect kombucha accessory!!

I have a few smaller scobys that I keep in half gallon mason jars and this lid is perfect. I definitely prefer it over the popular cloth method, which I’ve been doing since I started making kombucha. It’s easy to use. And I feel like it’s cleaner than the cloth.