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Masontops Pickle Pebbles (Fermenting Weights) - 4 Pack

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Size: Regular (Small) Mouth

Looking for premium quality mason jar fermentation gear? Masontops is the world's leading manufacturer of mason jar accessories of all kinds, including custom-designed fermentation tools that make home fermenting fun and easy for novices and experts alike. Our Pickle Pebbles come in both wide mouth and regular mouth types, and are perfectly-sized and weighted to ensure your veggies stay inside the brine and out of the air at the top of the jar, which can lead to spoilage and food safety issues. They're non-porous and completely food safe, so they do not absorb or release contaminants. And they're made of crystal clear soda lime glass like the jars themselves, giving you a transparent view of the fermentation process inside the jar. And when your pickled creations are ready for tasting, simply pinch the finger grip on top of the glass stones and lift out for quick and easy removal. Pickle Peppers are simply perfect mason jar fermentation weights. Masontops provides you with all the gear you need to become a perfect pickler - just add the veggies! We have precision airlock tops, stones, tampers, jars and lids to fit all the name brand mason jars on the market. Choose Masontops - the mason jar accessory expert!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Darwin Demartelaere
Pickle pebbles

Excellent product

Mary Massey

I am a newbie to fermenting vegetables. The weights made the end product so easy.

Angela T. Roberts
Must-Have item for fermenting foods

These weights make a HUGE difference in fermenting veggies. They stabilize the salted water to stay above food level. Cuts a ton of work off me, and I will not be without these little jewels.

Great product

I will order more

Simple and clean way to add weights to laarge mouth mason jar fermenting

I just opened up a set of fermented beets, and the weights did a fine job of submerging the beets. These weights are also easy to use - nice design with the handle to make them easy to get in and out of the jar, and smooth glass with some heft that is impermeable and easily rinsed off. Even beet juice isn't going to color these weights. I saw other reviews where folks had problems with the weights somehow breaking or cracking -- nothing like that for me. They arrived in a well padded box. My guess is that, if they arrive in that kind of packing, they are going to last a very long time.