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DreamFarm Mini-Supoon

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Color: Red

Dreamfarm's Mini Supoon is the super handy one teaspoon version of our Supoon, the world’s best cooking spoon. 

The Mini Supoon is the 1 teaspoon version of our Supoon, the world’s best cooking spoon! It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible scraping sides, making it perfect for scraping every last bit of chocolate spread from the jar!

The Mini Supoon is great for serving condiments and it measures a perfect teaspoon. With all these incredible features, the Mini Supoon truly scoops, scrapes and measures up to its name.

The clever handle design means you don’t need a spoon rest. With the Supoon’s head raised off your bench, your kitchen counters stay clean and the Supoon stays hygienic, making it great for serving dips and tapas!

Stay cool when things heat up in the kitchen! The Mini Supoon is safe to use on non-stick cookware thanks to its silicone tip, which is heat-resistant to 260°C / 500°F. It’s also dishwasher safe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Small kitchen spoon

I love this small spoon. Its blade will scrape almost any container completely clean so that you don't waste any of the contents. The handle sits on the counter top without depositing its contents all over the place. This product is very well designed and is constructed of bright tough easily cleaned materials. An excellent buy.

No peanut butter is safe!

Our previous version of this spoon sadly got broken (we still don't know how), but as soon as we discovered it was gone, we set about replacing it—that's how much we love this spoon! It's the best thing for reaching the bottom of a peanut butter jar and scraping out every last bit. Comfortable to use, too. If you ever scape anything out of a jar, this is a great spoon.


Good quality. Improvement would be 1 piece rather than seam between spoon head and handle. However it does not reduce the functionality. I was looking for something small to use in a single egg poacher and this is perfect. It has so many uses in non-stick cookware as well as getting into small jars and containers. The spoon is flexible on the end, but is sturdy enough to use for more dense food.

Barbara Burns
Great product from Dreamfarm

Great cross between a measuring spoon, spoon and a spatula. Love the fact that it sits level on a counter so the bowl can be filled with a liquid with no worries of spilling out. Sturdy. Cute. Have gifted several.

Works Great, Sparks Joy!

Get more out of life by getting more out of your jars. Jars look new after use. Its one of those things that solves a dumb little annoyance, but it makes me happy every time. I have 2 (mini) and have given 1 as a gift. One came broken at the bend in the handle and was replaced with no hassle. Mini is the size of a regular spoon.