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Mommy & Me Cookbook

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The cookbook, “A Cookbook for Mommy & Me” has over a hundred recipes that are perfect for cooking with children. The kid-friendly recipes are divided into different categories including: Drinks, Breakfast, Treats, Cookies & Desserts and Snack & Mixes. A few of the most popular recipes from this cookbook for kids are Dinosaur punch. Easy Chocolate Waffles, Frozen Bananas and Apple Dip. 
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Customer Reviews

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Simply Me
Excellent Cookbook to share with daughter!

This is an excellent little 124 Spiral bound cookbook for Mothers to share and cook with their daughters! Cute names for some of the items! This would make a great gift!!

Shirley Priscilla Johnson
A Fun & Learning Experience

I like cookbooks for children, but it's always wonderful when I find a top-of-the-notch one like this. Inside are recipes that are quick and easy and yummy to eat and share. This book is very kid friendly and mom friendly too. I think what it puts forth is not only teaching the little ones some skills that they will need all through their lives, but it is also a wonderful way to share time with mom or dad, or any other adult that is in their lives. Breaking bread together is always a wonderful way to bound and making it first is just plain extra special. Very nice book, great fun and great learning as well.

My wife loves it!

Purchased this for my wife. She loves it, made one of the chicken meals in it with our son. It was really good and he had a lot of pride in serving the meal!

J Smith
Loved it!

I loved to cook as a child with my mom teaching me along the way and I think that was a big part of why I chose to cook and bake as one of my favorite pasttimes. Since I had children of my own, I'm always looking for ideas of food that I can make with my kids. I saw A Cookbook for Mommy & Me and I couldn't wait to try out some of the recipes with my daughter who loves to cook, too. The book is filled with simple recipes, which also appeal to children's tastes. Each recipe is laid out by splitting up the tasks involved, by mother or child. They have the mom and child switch off between things that are appropriate for children or for adults. That way, both are involved, but operating at their own capacity.

There are recipes for all types of foods, from drinks to desserts. So far we have tried the Caramel Apple Milkshakes (not too decadent, as they use applesauce and frozen yogurt), Goldfish Tuna Casserole and Pudding Pops. I read the recipes over first so I know which parts to assign to my daughter. We've had a lot of fun with A Cookbook for Mommy & Me and I think (hope!) she is learning a lot along the way!

Jerome Koscielniak
Easy to use

The fact that all tools and ingredients were listed as well as the division of labor for adult and child stated clearly