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Mrs. Anderson's Baking Dough Whisk, 15in

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  • Mrs. Anderson's Baking Whisk for mixing heavy dough and lighter, quick-bread batters with less sticking and clogging than a spoon or wire whisks
  • Made from 18/8 stainless steel whisk and Eastern European beechwood; sturdy handle; ergonomic grip for mixing with less effort
  • Unique flow-through design allows wet and dry ingredients to pass through and incorporate together quickly and thoroughly without trapping or clogging
  • Great for mixing quick bread batters and stiffer yeast doughs for bread baking, pasta, pizza and pastry with little effort
  • Easy to use and clean; run wires under hot water or hand wash in warm, soapy water

Mrs. Anderson's Baking Dough Whisk easily mixes heavier dough, prior to kneading, and lighter quick-bread batters with less sticking and clogging. A must-have of baking and bread making tools with a unique flow-through design that allows ingredients to pass through and incorporate together thoroughly. No more dough-laden mixing spoons and clogged wire whisk, or hefting heavy dough mixers and bread machines! Whether making thinner batters for quick breads or stiffer yeast doughs for bread, pasta, pizza and pastry, the Dough Whisk mixes them up in a jiff. Mix batters for pancakes, waffles, banana bread, muffins, and dough for raisin bread, rye bread, sourdough, Irish soda bread, buttermilk biscuits, homemade egg noodles, even toss together a fruit pie filling. The open design quickly cuts through wet and dry ingredients, blending and incorporating them together easily. The sturdy wooden handle takes on large batches of heavier dough effortlessly and allows for a more ergonomic grip with less effort while mixing. Made from 18/8 stainless steel and Eastern European beechwood, this simple yet useful design is also easy to clean. Simply run the wires under hot water directly after use to remove doughy residue or hand wash in warm, soapy water. 

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Customer Reviews

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Five Stars

I love all the tools that came with it, and it is compact and easy to store.

Another good product by Hamilton Beach

Other reviewers talked about the flimsy construction .... and for the price I wasn't expecting anything pro-grade. But this is a nice little unit for light use. For tiny home living it's great, for just one or two people it's great, for recipies that cal for chopping amounts too small for a processor it's great. whip eggs, eggwhites, cake batter, pancake batter, blend liquids, chop solids. It is not heavy duty. It cannot take the place of a full sized food processor or mixer. But it did a nice job for me on a small cake, chopping apples, and blending homemade cream of tomato soup. The motor seems fairly stout and adequate power for the attachments. I like Hamilton Beach products for their utility and price points

Protein Powder

Does the mixing of my protein powder into my smoothies quite well. Careful, otherwise it can make a mess.

Love it.

Excellent hand help blender.
I really love the ease of use in my kitchen.

Good value.

My one this is replacing did the job faster. I do like that the blade end is detachable from the motor. The included attachments seem a little flimsy. As it's unlikely that I'll be using them often, I'll probably never know their durability.