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Free Shipping on Orders $75 & Up!

Norpro Pie Crust Weight Chain

by Norpro
Original price $12.99 - Original price $12.99
Original price $12.99
$12.99 - $12.99
Current price $12.99

Measures: 6' / 72" / 184cm length.

Avoid bubbles and cracks in your pre-baked pie shells with this strong, durable and reusable pie weight chain!

Promotes even baking and prevents air pockets when baking empty pie shells (blind baking).

Simply place the chain on top of your empty pie shell before baking. Once your crust is baked, just lift the chain out.

Easy to use and remove!

Great for 8, 9 and 10-inch frozen and homemade pie crusts!  Ideal when making, banana, chocolate or coconut cream pie, lemon meringue, key lime pie and more!

Easy to clean.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Not sure but pretty good

Single pre-baked and partially pre-baked (lemon meringue)crust didn't get soggy during initial baking. Filling with beans or rice can get slightly soggy until removed and further baked.

I tried a Southern softer flour so that may be the variable responsible for the crust shrinking down the sides. But the pies came out great just the same.

I'm curious about baking upside down sandwiched between 2 pie pans. I will try the chain again with Pilsbury flour dough.

Good Secondary Tool

Bought this item as an extra set of ceramic beads which I use frequently. Takes up less storage space that beads, comes away from the pan quickly, works well in conjuction with beads to "fill" the shell when blind baking.


Bought for my mother in law and she loved that that it was as string and came in a great little storage case. Better them individual beads and having to chase them down the hall if dropped.

Joan Marinaro
Good Deal

Excellent price. Difficult to find in my local stores. Makes a single pie crust much more satisfying . Worth the price

Good for cleaning narrow necked jars and bottles!

I don't bake pies, but got this because I learned that you can use it to clean narrow-necked jars. Just put some soap and water and the pie weight into the jar and shake it up and it cleans the jars!