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OXO Precision 6lb Kitchen Scale with Timer

by OXO
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When making pour-over coffee, baking or doing anything that requires precise measurements, you need a tool you can reply on. The OXO Good Grips 6 lb Precision Scale with Timer provides split-second precision with measurements from 0.5 g up in 0.1-gram intervals; weigh in grams, ounces, and pounds while the zero function tares the Scale so you can add more ingredients in a snap. The digital display is easy to read, while the Scale itself is sleek and compact, with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface and a non-slip silicone mat to protect the Scale from heat and scratches. The built-in timer is optimized for pour-over coffee, auto shut-off saves battery life but is easily disabled when you use the timer. 4 AAA batteries included.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chris V
Great Scale for Pour Over

Very nice scale with integrated timer. Works well with Chemex and Clever Drip pour over.

Michael Burton
Chews through batteries

One of the few subgram scales that's reliable and large enough for baking. Works well for measuring just a few grams of baking powder for example. But in less than three months I've already changed the battery at least three times, unlike my glass oxo pullout scale, probably because the autooff is calibrated to not shutoff whole you're doing longer coffee pours, so it tends to stay on for very long periods

D. Yager III
Scratches easily

The scale works well, seems accurate enough, and looks very nice. However, the piano black finish gets light scratches very easily. The silicone pad is nice for preventing this, and it's a nice touch to include as I primarily use the scale for making hot coffee. But the scale just doesn't look as cool with the pad :)

Spencer Moore
It's a pretty good scale!

I was a little worried after I bought this scale, and then saw all the reviews, but was ultimately delighted when the scale arrived, and worked flawlessly. I've been using it for espresso, and its fabulous! I plan on taking advantage of the timer function with aeropress brewing soon. I have seen some variance within a tenth of gram, but it's really not that big a deal. I guess what I mean is that I can't tase that missing 0.1 g. Even uber precise laboratory balances can have variance, and need to be averaged. I only wish there were a smaller version more like the Lunar scale, but thats my only critique.

Dave R
Great Scale! Great Scale!!!

Did I say it was a great scale?! Love it and use it every weekend to make bread. Love everything about it, Seriously.