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Pastry or Pie Guide

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Cut Perfect Circles Every Time!

  • This guide will help you cut a perfect circle every time.
  • Place the Pastry Guide in the center of the dough, use your knife and rotate around to cut a circle.
  • Cuts perfect circles from 4" to 14" diameters.
  • Can be used for pie (s), tarts, fondant, tortillas and parchment paper (use a pencil).
  • Stores flat in your drawer.
  • BPA-free Silicone & Plastic, dishwasher safe.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jennifer Paine
Handy tool for baking I didn't know I needed until I had it

Handy tool for baking I didn't know I needed until I had it

Perfect Pie Crust

Wish I had this little gadget years ago. It really makes cutting pie dough so easy. You just roll out your dough, put the pastry guide on top and in the center of your dough, insert knife into the size you want and cut away. Perfectly measured pie crust every time. Easy to wash and easy to store.

The Perfect Pastry Guide!

Love this pastry guide and cutter! It's perfect for someone like me who still has trouble drawing a straight line ;) I like that there are so many options for sizing. Plus, it's easy to use and wash. This would be a cute and practical addition to a baking gift basket.

Theresa and Larry
"Wow! Now that's a Perfect Circle!"

I am not the best baker, but I do love to make pizza with my grandchildren. This Pastry Guide is such a fun and safe tool for children when helping in the kitchen. But wait… it also makes perfect circles when it comes to doing crafts! A perfect tool for the kitchen or craft drawer… "gosh golly" I may just get me another one, so I don't have brush the crayon crumbs off the Pastry Guide before using it in the kitchen. Enjoy yours however you choose to use it!

Perfect Pies - Get the Size Right

Great tool for cutting the right size pie. I have several different sized pie plates and this nifty tool makes it easy to cut an even circle for pies. The Pastry Guide also came in handy for marking out the paper for the bottom of cake plates, etc. when using parchment paper. Fun and easy tool!