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True Brands Universal Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

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They say that loose leaf tea needs room to breathe and expand to give you its fullest flavor. This wide-mouth infuser is designed to do exactly that. It sits on top of your mug and keeps out the sediment, but doesn't cramp the leaves' style! 4.75 in diameter 3 in height Fits almost any cup or mug. Wide infusing chamber lets tea expand for maximum flavor.
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Customer Reviews

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Great Infuser

Love this. It makes brewing loose leaf tea at work a cinch! I've been using for about a month now, and no rusting or metallic taste after brewing indicate that this product is indeed a decently-rated stainless steel.
It may not be as cute as the smaller infusers, but the extra space really lets the leaves bloom, which is particularly good for whole leaf teas. It also means that i can get an extra steep out of a batch of 'the good stuff'. I have used with more finely ground loose tea, and there were no little bits floating, so the hole size is perfect, too.
This even fits in my XL size mug! It will work with a max mug width 12cm/4.75in. Your mug must be at least 2.5" wide and about 3" deep for this to sit properly - any regular mug will be fine, but china teacups would be too small.
I would love to see this sold as a set with a little holder for between steeps. Currently i'm using an old jelly jar to contain the drips.

Our 2nd one. Worth it.

This is our 2nd one (our first was a gift to us). Its holes are small enough to keep all the leaves in, unlike some tea balls or spoons that must be opened. The quality is excellent, and cleaning it is reasonable - just don't let the tea leaves dry up inside it!

Exceeded expectations

This infuser works so well for tea and I started making my coffee with it too. It's like pour-over coffee without worrying about a filter.