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Viski Liquor Aging Kit

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Liquor loves wood. Oak aging provides the unique color, flavor and aroma that we associate with fine spirits.

The Liquor Aging Kit by Viski works by exposing smaller amounts of liquor to a larger charred oak surface area.

Just attach one of the included charred oak sticks to the integrated pour spout and insert in your chosen bottle of liquor.

Flavor change will be noticeable after one day, but we recommend aging for at least 1 and even up to 6 weeks, sampling along the way to determine your ideal smoke profile.

Each charred oak stick is good for one use of up to 6 weeks aging.

Try the Liquor Aging Kit to enhance younger whiskeys, add a unique spin to white rum, or give a rich smoky twist to gin.

2 charred oak sticks
1 Stainless steel & silicone stopper/pourer
SKU 842094198832

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James W. Durney
Requires time

This is an interesting idea but I question the implementation.
Ageing takes time and the advertised couple of weeks I find questionable.
The idea is good if you take a middle grade whisky, add this product, close it back up
and give it a could of months or years.

I wouldn't do this with good whisky.
Nice gift

L Parr
A great gift for that whiskey lover that has everything!

A unique gift for that whiskey lover! Nicely boxed and reasonably priced for gift giving. I felt it was a fair value.

Robert Cox
Makes Whisky Smoother

At the one week mark, I could see a slight color change in the bourbon, and I noticed a bit of a softness in the bite or heat (the alcohol in the bourbon didn't sting so much on the way down LOL!).

After 2-3 weeks, the bourbon was pretty smooth--surprisingly so, I would say. It's very easy to drink neat at this point.

For reference, I was using Benchmark for this experiment--an inexpensive but still well-liked and well-rated Kentucky Bourbon.

My observations are this: I like most bottles of Benchmark as is (I find that some bottles/batches are much better than others). The direct effect of this Viski charred wood insert was to make the Benchmark smoother, but I also felt that a little bit of the flavor disappeared. At the one week mark I tasted the Viski vs. the remainder of the original bottle (same exact bottle), and the Viski was a bit smoother, a bit darker, a little less burn on the way down, and had some very small black wood shavings in every sample that I poured. I guess the black shavings aren't a big deal, but it left me a little concerned. Yet I drank it LOL!

After 2 plus weeks, I no longer had any of of the original Benchmark to compare the Viski batch to, but I can say definitively that the Viski is at this point very smooth. Yet I feel that a bit of the flavor is missing.

So if you are a stickler for smoothness in your bourbon, this Viski is definitely the way to go. If you like all of the flavors and mouthfeel, it might still be worth a try but experiment with it on the first batch. Maybe try a pint or a half pint and compare it to the unadulterated version before going all in.

Adds color but to age it's going to take a lot longer

I really like the idea behind this, but in order to truly age whiskey it takes time. I thought this would work since it's more of a direct application, and it does add a caramel color that's attractive, but at least in the short term it adds a bit of an unpleasant bite to the Scotch. I imagine, if I leave this inside the bottle for a year, or two, I'll have an amazing bottle of scotch (I might even let it go longer just to see what happens) but in the short term I don't think this is quite as cool as it sounds.

Still, it's a fun. Probably would make an awesome gift for someone like me that's willing to set it aside for a few years just to see what happens.

Sean Paradis
Great for whisky lovers

These pourers are a great way of adding flavor to your favorite whiskey! They add a slightly smoky flavor that isn't overpowering and is an easy way to enhance your favorite spirit. It installs easily, and I haven't had any issues with the pourer leaking when dispensing. I do plan on buying these again.