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Free Shipping on Orders $75 & Up!

Realtree® 6 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator Plus

by Weston
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Dry the season's harvest for long term preservation and snacking. Ideal for banana chips, fruit rollups, dried herbs, jerky and more. Includes one netting sheet for drying herbs, seeds & other small food items. Solid sheet for making fruit rollups also included.

  • Digital control panel features 48 hour timer with auto shutoff and adjustable thermostat (100°-160° F / 38° - 71° C)
  • 800 watts
  • 6 trays provide 7.4 sq ft of drying space
  •  Spread pureed fruit on the solid sheet to make fruit roll-ups
  • Use the mesh sheet to dry garden herbs
  •  One-year limited Weston warranty
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Works well...

This is a dehydrator. Included in the box you receive the dehydrator, a lid, 6 trays, a storage cover, a mesh cover and a solid cover. There is a digital control panel with adjustable temperature and timer. There is an automatic shutoff. I use mine to dry vegetables, herbs and to make beef jerky. I wanted to try this out so I grabbed a few onions and chopped them as well as some celery. (It was handy.) I followed the instructions. Since the vegetables I was drying are chopped small I placed them on the mesh screen. I placed the screen in the top tray before adding food.
After plugging the dehydrator in I set the timer and the temperature. After the vegetables were dehydrated I allowed them to completely cool. I stored them in a small vacuum seal bag.
Use all the trays even if some are empty. Make sure the top tray and lid are always on top.


I am loving this! I made some some kale chips my first time. This was easy soooo easy.
Unpacked the dehydrator that comes with the trays . Case to keep it in.
Read the directions. Got started.
Place the kale in the correct tray . (Note second pass I added to the other trays also it was fine )
Set the temperature and timer then walked away.
It has an auto shut off.
Perfect kale chips.
I also made banana and strawberry chips. Amazing.
It takes times but you're not doing anything just get up and go ...

Love it

Works great, love the shut off timer, I think the quality of the trays are better than my old one, I have a round one and have to be careful to make sure you do not break them. With this being square it seems to be more sturdy, heavy plastic. I make jerky and it did a wonderful job. I really love this, clean up is easier since I don't have to worry about breaking the trays. I do wish it came with more herb trays.

lightweight & wide with 6 trays

Better overall than my old round dehydrator that I've had for 15 years. This one is much lighter in weight than my round one. This also has easy-push digital buttons to control the temp and time. Love that this can program up to a 2-day drying time. Although both are electric dehydrators, this Weston dehydrator does the job faster. It dried blueberries faster and retained its taste better than my older one. It's likely the more advanced technology that's helping it heat the berries more evenly and efficiently. I have a June smart oven that has a dehydrator function and the cooking speed and taste is comparable to this Weston one. However, this Weston dehydrator can handle more food capacity with its 6 trays than the 3 trays of my June oven. This is great to use for large food capacity like making jerky out of deer and wild hog meet. Or large bowls of fruits to dry.

DJ Faz
Works like a charm!

I give the Realtree Edge food dehydrator 5 FAT stars. It works like a charm. Sturdy, ample room, and an automatic shut off.