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Weston Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

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With the Weston Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, you'll prepare restaurant-quality food at home like the pros using your own stock pots. Cook steaks and other meats and veggies to the precise temperature, while retaining all the delicious flavor and juiciness. You set the precise internal temperature of your steaks for perfect results every time, without overcooking. When you're ready to serve, just quickly brown for texture and even more flavor.

  • Restaurant-quality precision cooking with 800 Watts
  • Pump circulates up to 5 gallons of heated water continuously for even cooking
  • Digital display with adjustable temperature from 86°F - 210°F or 30°C - 99°C* and countdown timer
  • Maintains flavor and moisture content of meats and veggies
  • Clamps securely to stock pots and has 3' long cord
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
F. Todd
Excellent sous vide. Great features.

his is my 3rd sous vide, picked this one up b/c I like to experiment w/ different temps and side dishes. Below are some +/- of the Weston Sous Vide machine.

OVERALL: Great machine, got to temperature fastest of all my machines (including my 1000W). Simple to use, no app needed. I really like how the clamp isn't attached to the machine and you can leave it on you dedicated container. I also love the GFI breaker on the cord, gives me peace of mind when leaving it running unattended.

+Gets to temp FAST
+Easy to use, no app needed
+Clamp is separate, you can leave it clamped to your container and pull out the machine
+Temperature is accurate
+Plug has a GFI breaker built in
+Price is fair
+Weston is a good brand

-Large machine, harder to stow.
-Buttons have to be pressed pretty firmly

Very nice cooker

This is a very nice sous vide cooker and reminds me very much of the name brand cooker that I already own. It is about the same size and has a similar look and feel.

I have now used it twice. The first time I cooked a pot roast and the second was two salmon fillets. Both times the food was cooked perfectly. I tested the water temperature several times during each cook to ensure that it was maintaining a constant water temperature using a digital thermometer. There was no variation demonstrating the ability of this machine to hold a constant water temp. Although I only used a three-gallon vessel, the company states it can handle five. The temperature is adjustable from 86F to 210F.

It has a digital display and uses touch controls to set time and temperature. The display alternates between the temperature and the timer. A screw mount clamp allows it to be easily attached to and removed from the cooking vessel.

The price is competitive with other lesser-known brands and lower than the bigger names making it a good buy.

Tom Bux
Great and powerful, controls are confusing

This is a great and powerful Sous Vide cooker, though less powerful than other models, this heats up very quickly and holds the temperature for a long time. THe controls are easy to read, but not easy to control. I really had trouble pushing the buttons and setting the controls for what I wanted It is not very intuitive.

But it does a great job in its primary duties of cooking food.

Virgil H.
Fun Kitchen Gadget You Didn't Even Know You Wanted

Okay...who "needs" one? Not me. That's the truth. You probably don't either. But you want one. I want mine now too. Sometimes in the kitchen, as I have discovered with fitness, you just need to add a new device to challenge you and mix things up a bit and take you out of the boredom of the "known." This, in my humble opinion, is just such a gadget. First, it works; it actually works. It heats and does everything it claims and it will do more than I have done with it so far, but that will take time and I'm going to enjoy the learning and the eating. You really do not know how much you want this gizmo; treat yourself and have some fun...and good food.

Perfect Yogurt. PERFECT.

I've wanted one of these for a long time. The consistency with which it cooks meat is amazing. This isn't the most powerful model, but it gets up to temperature and stays steady.

Short learning curve, goes even faster with video tutorials.

The first thing I made was chicken breast, which has always been tricky for me. Either I dry out the meat, or the skin doesn't crisp. Doing it sous vide, I cooked it to temperature, then dried it and chilled it, then crisped it for two minutes per side. Really good.

The second thing I made was yogurt, and this was amazing. I have two yogurt makers that have given incredibly inconsistent results over the years, mostly because you have to watch the milk when you prepare it and then continue to watch the temperature in the yogurt maker. If you don't, your yogurt might not set or it might come out super grainy, or you might get something more like cottage cheese.

With the sous vide, I got the milk to 180 degrees. It didn't burn or form a skin. I cooled it down to 108, added the starter, and let it sit in the bag in the water bath at 108 for six hours. I kept checking the first few hours, and it just looked like milk. But at hour six, it was set and ready to strain. No grains. Just tangy enough. Perfect.

And then I made ricotta out of the whey.

This won't cook everything, but it's made a couple of really tricky stressful recipes super easy and super consistent.